ZF-9484: INSERT DELAYED (mysql adapter)


Mysql has an INSERT DELAYED syntax. Supporting it in Zend_Framework is critical for an application that heavily relies on Mysql.

Will attach an overly simplified (but probably working) patch


This patch will break non-MySQL adapters. Is there a cross-platform equivalent of DELAYED for the other databases? With your patch, setting delayed=true will cause the query to fail with a syntax error on a PostgreSQL, Oracle, etc. So, this definitely does not belong in the abstract adapter unless there is a way to make it cross-platform.

Could you just call it insertDelayed() instead of insert(), and not put it on the abstract adapter? I would think it belongs on the mysql adapter, since it is coupled w/ mysql.

Here is a patch to resolve this issue and #ZF-3107. If you don't like it please write what's wrong with it so I could fix it.

Hello again. I've signed CLA and here is updated patch to ZF 1.11.4 and now it also includes changes to one more similar ticket #ZF-7149.…

I'm waiting for comments.