ZF-9532: Conditional comments in headStyle()


The followting code:

$this->headStyle()->appendStyle(" body { behavior:url('" . SERVER_STATIC_URL . PATH_URL_JAVASCRIPT . "iefix/'); } ", array('conditional' => 'IE 6'));

Will generate this HTML:


Note that the , before "", so that remains an unfinished tag and commentary end, invalidating the HTML.


I've written a patch which resolves this issue.

It's my first patch, so please let me know if you require any additional information.

Cheers, Jeremy

Could you provide a unit test in your patch, please?

Test attached. :)

This is still an unresolved issue. It's still adding the nested comments in to the html and thus causing HTML validation issues.

Could you please sort this asap, it should be a relatively easy fix, especially since jul has provided you with the code.

Fix r23680