ZF-9564: Can't update attribute that is used as rdn ...



I can't update attribute that is used as rdn ... I mean for example if

dn equal to "o=mycompany,c=es"

and object something like :

 objectClass => array('top', 'organization') 
 o => array('mycompany','my company')

you can't update "o" attribute ... it should be possible to add or remove values that are not part of the rdn (concretely everything except "mycompany")

The code below doesn't do nothing (no error neither exception)

$dn = "o=mycompany,c=es";

$ldap = new Zend_Ldap(...);

$values = array ('o' => array('mycompany','hello','world'));
$ldap->update ($dn, $values);


Looking at the code Zend_Ldap update method clearly strip rdn part. And I believe that should not do it or at least add a parameter to enable/disable attributes stripping.

Under windows I use LDAP client called LDAPAdmin and this one allow to update values of an attribute that is part of the rdn.

fixed in trunk (r22163) and in 1.10-release branch (r22164)