ZF-9590: Zend_Ldap_Attribute: Getting ActiveDirectory DateTime Values


Active Directory adds an additional string to the human readable datetime values. Not sure why it is this way but a couple attributes in particular do this; whenchanged & whencreated. Patch attached to modify the PREG pattern in _valueFromLdapDateTime().

Still need to figure out how to handle the _valueToLdapDateTime() method though.

OpenLDAP Format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS([+-]NNNN|Z) ActiveDirectory Format: YYYYMMDDHHMMSS.0([+-]NNNN|Z)


Patch to modify PREG pattern and $timezone array index.

Also, other datetime attributes stored in ActiveDirectory appear to be encoded and would need to be decoded via command line call on Windows. Need to research this further.

Some fields: badpasswordtime, lastlogontimestamp, & pwdlastset

Also, that patch is for Zend_Ldap_Attribute, did not specified anywhere else. Sorry

fixed in r21937 in trunk - merge to 1.10-release branch will follow