ZF-9594: authors for entries are generating duplicate non-strict validated tags


According to…, there should be only one of the or tags, but not both (it's an optional tag, so it's not required, but if added - only one of them should exist).

However, when using addAuthor - both of them are added to feed output.


It's probably worth the time to fix any parsing of duplicates rather than remove them outright. Technically, there's not reason not to have both. There's also a problem with calling them duplicates outright. RSS authors are explicitly described as being an email address, i.e. there is no specific means of making them carry any other information like an author name. There are conventions for this (using angle brackets) but it's not part of any RSS spec outside of an example. DC's creator, on the other hand, is an author name - not an email. And so I ended up taking the current approach so that the author name could be presented correctly irrespective of the end parser's rules. Some parsers may not grab a name from author, for example, only an email address. At the end of the day, we can't assume an author element carries any "name" information.

Does that make sense? I'm aware Zend_Feed_Reader may need some parsing work to understand this correctly but I think it's a valid treatment and the linked to duplicate semantics post is, I believe, somewhat in error by comparing two elements carrying two very different semantic meanings (email vs creator name).

See prior comment. Both elements have two different semantic meanings and are not strict duplicates. As the reporter has not responded in some time, I am closing the issue and will look into clarifying the final treatment for ZF 2.0 if needed.