ZF-9596: There isn't any way to set the channel's image of a feed created with Zend_Feed_Writer


As written here:…, there's an optional 'image' tag that can specifies an image file for the feed.

A way to set this image is missing (there's no setImage method for the feed).


Updating issue type to Improvement since this is not a bug. Working on it soon.

Changed type to Improvement - will add this soon.

I have a first implementation for this currently in trunk/release branch. Really just need to finalise rendering tests tomorrow before I resolve this issue ;). See r22097 for the updated source code to date (lots of it!).

See r22102 for last batch of changes.


  1. Image support parsing for Zend_Feed_Reader
  2. Image support for Atom 1.0 and RSS 2.0 in Zend_Feed_Writer
  3. Implements all required and optional elements for RSS 2.0 (only a URI is required or used for Atom 2.0)