ZF-9600: Zend_Cache_Frontend_Capture does not automatically disable front controller output buffering; it should


Presently, in order to use the cache, one must disable Zend_App's own output buffering in the following fashion (also for using Zend_Cache_Page):

resources.frontController.params.disableOutputBuffering = true

However, this is not documented. After talking with MWOP it was his suggestion that the cache automatically do this on behalf of the user.


Assigning to the author of that component.

Will talk to Matthew for surety - I can't remember from the maze of Zend_Controller what impacts this has/does not have in relation to other components. Worse, I haven't the slightest idea how Zend_Cache can go off the reservation to impact Zend_Controller like that. Sounds like a static FC call which I really don't want to add to an independent component. What does worry me is why is it not documented? I could swear I submitted these in the docs, and even edited the Page docs to reflect it.

It's documented for the Page Frontend (in a note). I'll add in the Capture frontend in a while - must have missed a commit somewhere when I was adding these notes.

The required setting is documented, but imposing a coupled call between two components is not a good idea (at present). Maybe ZF 2.0 will make this easier.