ZF-9654: Several small errors in Zend_Locale-Functions


There are several small errors in the Zend_Locale-Functions.xml file:

  1. Multiple instances of "informations". As it is not an error to use the form "informations" it is so uncommon and simply weird that I would suggest changing it to "information" (line 224, 255, 257 etc.)

  2. A couple of instances of "negotation". There is no such word in english. They should be replaced by "negation".

  3. A couple of instances of "an string". They should be replaced by "a string".

  4. A couple of instances of "an given calendar". They should be replaced by "a given calendar".

  5. Section "Obtaining localized strings" line 915 reads: "It returns always a string" it should be: "It always returns a string"

  6. Section "Obtaining translations for "yes" and "no"" line 1777 reads: "An generated regex" it should be: "A generated regex"

  7. Section "Detecting locales" line 1915 reads: "this will always leads" it should be: "this will always lead"

line 1944 reads: "which returns you a locale string" it should be: "which returns a locale string"


Please add a patch file.

Adding a issue for each of the known 14.000 mistakes is problamtic and not useful in my eyes.

Zen_Locale-Functions.xml patch file

I didn't know what is better from your point of view. I'll make patch files then.

Fixed with r21864. Thanks for the patch