ZF-9701: Zend_Validate_File_MimeType fails on Windows


When using Zend_Validate_File_MimeType on Windows I encountered an error:

"finfo_file() expects parameter 1 to be resource, null given (E:\php\utilities\library\Zend\Validate\File\MimeType.php:344)"

It causes validator to fail on completely valid image. That`s because $this->_finfo is "null" instead of "false":

            if ($this->_finfo === false) {
                $this->_finfo = @finfo_open($const);

            if ($this->_finfo !== false) {
                $this->_type = finfo_file($this->_finfo, $value);

When I change condition to "if ($this->_finfo == false)" - everyting works just fine.

ZF: 1.10.3 PHP: 5.3.0 OS: Windows 7


Already fixed in trunk