ZF-9706: Zend_Controller_Router_Route don't handle array parameters with wildcard routes


To reproduce this isuue, make route like this = "auto-oglasi/*" = "default" = "auto-oglasi" = "index"

This works as expected, unless you work with array notation URLs, like /auto-oglasi/price/0/price/1000/year/1984/year/2010 In such case parameters become strings, instead arrayas, so price will have value "0", year "1984", etc..

I think this is a bug in Zend_Controller_Router_Route, because it treats parameters as strings, and get only first value, ignoring others

                    if (!isset($this->_wildcardData[$var]) && !isset($this->_defaults[$var]) && !isset($values[$var])) {
                        $this->_wildcardData[$var] = (isset($path[$i+1])) ? urldecode($path[$i+1]) : null;



Here is a fix suggestion, it would be nice to have this resolved in current bug hunt days ;)

The Suggested diff got me part way there on this one but didn't work for anything more than 2 items in the array. I've changed one line which seems to work very well.