ZF-9718: Inject Zend_Filter_Interface into Zend_View::addFilter()



I would like the method {{Zend_View::addFilter()}} to accept anything inheriting {{Zend_Filter_Interface}} because a filters' dependencies should not be hidden inside of {{Zend_View}}.

As it is now, I can not seem to add an instance of my own filter to be used while rendering the view, but I have to filter the rendered view. This approach is a bit backwards especially since {{Zend_View}} is supposed to support filters.


Bypass the dynamic loading of {{Zend_View::addFilter()}} if passed anything implementing {{Zend_Filter_Interface}} ..or Remake the signature of {{Zend_View::addFilter()}} to accept constructor injection like: bq.{{$view->addFilter(array('My_Filter' => array('aConstructorOption' => 3, 'anotherOption' => 5)));}}


Postponing until 2.0.

Reverting Zend_Filter as problem causing component Issue is related to Zend_View