ZF-9725: Problem to load PDF File



I'm using Zend_pdf framework to retrieve metadata from pdf file. But I have an error when I try to load my file. In deed, I tested my program with two files but it doesn't work with all pdf I think.

This is my code and the error message is "Outline childs load error"



                $pdf = Zend_Pdf::load($pdfPath,1);
                                      echo count($pdf->properties);
                foreach ($pdf->properties as $cle=>$valeur) {
                    echo $cle.''.$valeur;


I am unable to reproduce this issue.

$pdfPath= APPLICATION_PATH . "/../public/EDT_INFO2-Sem2-22032010.pdf"; $pdf = Zend_Pdf::load($pdfPath, 1); echo "# of Props: " . count($pdf->properties) . "
"; foreach ($pdf->properties as $cle => $valeur) { echo $cle . ': ' . $valeur . "
"; }

Gives me the following data. (needs to be converted but I get data back)

of Props: 3

Creator: þÿ�C�a�l�c Producer: þÿ�O�p�e�n�O�f�f�i�c�e�.�o�r�g� �2�.�4 CreationDate: D:20100322123632+01'00'

unable to reproduce this error.