ZF-9747: Support for OAuth 2.0


Please support Oauth 2.0, which is needed to communicate with facebook. See:


Will work on 2.0 support over the Summer ;). It may be tentative given we need a final standard (unlikely soon thanks to the IETF push) but I've moved it to a critical priority anyway since, like many budding protocols, it's already in use.

Anyone know the current status of this feature?

Thanks in advance!

OAuth 2 will be targeted for ZF 2.0, but it's complicated by the fact that the specification is still in flux. I know Facebook are the poster implementation, but in truth they support one specific implementation of a subset of OAuth 2.0 - hardly a gold standard. We're going to have to wait for a another draft or two of the specification before it settles down.

Setting affected version to Next Major Release - ZF 2.0 for reference

Foursquare is also using OAuth 2.0 now. It would be very great if this could be solved in a 1.x.x version of ZF...

Bump? Is there any work in progress? Will it be part of 1.X, or we can't expect it before ZF2?

Closing as "Needs Proposal". If someone wants to step up and implement this for v1.12 please draft an RFC.