ZF-9806: Config.php generates wrong php.includepath entry in .zf.ini



Generates a .zf.ini with wrong entry:


it should be :Bugfix: php.include_path

Howto fix:

goto line 88:

 $config = array(
            'php' => array(
                'includepath' => get_include_path(),

and change 'includepath' -> 'include_path'


Confirmed this is still a problem in at revision 22686.

/Zend/Tool/Framework/System/Provider/Config.php sets the include path config key to "includepath".

/bin/zf.php (line 518) writes it as: php.include_path

/bin/zf.php (line 322) is calling ini_set on all config options in the php key, and the proper way to set the include path via ini_set is: ini_set('include_path', $path);

Fixed in r23205 in trunk and r23206 in release branch 1.11