ZF-9813: Italian translation for Zend_Validate messages


I couldn't find any info or guidelines for this, but I saw someone else sent their own translations to the issue tracker.

So here is an Italian translation I made for my personal purposes of the Zend_Validate messages.


The actual guideline is that files, which are out of date or have more than 10% of untranslated/out of date translations will be moved from core to incubator for the next release.

So is this the right place to submit it?

Added with r22172

Note that there is one failure within this resource file which should be solved

I updated the translation to match EN-Revision 22668, which is the latest I could find on standard/trunk/resources/languages/en/Zend_Validate.php (I hope it is the right one to target ZF 1.11). Can you reopen the bug so I will post it? Or should I better create a clone?

Also, I am a native italian speaker, I hope the failure you mentioned has been solved (I noticed there was an untranslated string), if it isn't I will try to.