ZF-9849: Log error when using Zend_Translate with Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached


I'm using Zend_Translate and Zend_Cache with memcached backend. If I activate logging like this:

$frontendOptions = array('lifetime' => $this->_applicationIni->cache->global->lifetime ,
     'automatic_serialization' => true,
     'automatic_cleaning_factor' => 0,    
     'write_control' => true,
     'logging'=> true,
     'logger' => $logger);

Then I get a lot of messages like {quote}Zend_Cache_Backend_Memcached::save() : tags are unsupported by the Memcached backend{quote}

This is because the memcached adapter does not support tags, and Zend_Translate uses tags. Is it possible to make these tags optional so I can disable the use of tags in Zend_Translate?


Closing as won't fix.

According to the manual Zend_Cache must be used with tags to allow deletion of relevant cache entries (not the complete cache). The manual does not note that this works only with special frontends/backends.

Actually there is no way to change Zend_Translate other than integrating a BC by disallowing cache handling.

Changed with r22190

Thank you Thomas, that's a nice solution!