ZF-9851: Zend_Acl improvement : import data or to add method setOptions()


Zend_Acl needs improvement : the import of roles, resources, and rules from a configuration. It is an alternative to the inherited class only for static data ACL. And, it can give the opportunity to make new other improvements or components like an application resource.


Issue is related to ZF-2124.

I don't see how this should be part of Zend_Acl, this belongs in userland code. Roles, resources, assertions aren't "options".

Unless there are objections, I would recommend to mark this issue as "Won't fix"

I am not agree with you. If we have a plugin resource ACL, and a drop-in solution as you can read in the proposal around Zend_Acl (…).

At this late stage of ZFv1's lifecycle this functionality will not be added. If anyone would like to propose it for ZFv2, feel free to draft up an RFC on the ZF2 wiki.