ZF-9877: Initialize Zend_Translate cache from application configuration


We can define almost all the options for Zend_Translate through application configuration file using Zend_Application. But I also want to use cache with Zend_Translate. Currently, we cannot define cache for Zend_Translate from application configuration. We should have a feature so that we can define cache manager template name in translate resource options and cache can be initialized automatically.


Actually you can not assign a cache by option as it is added statically. This is the first things which have to be added for this issue.

Therefor reassigning the issue to myself.

Feature implemented.

You can now set the cache within the options of Zend_Translate and it's adapters.

Feel free to propose any further improvement to the propert component.

Thanks for implementing this feature.

It would be nice if we could also assign cache manager template name as an argument to Zend_Translate_Adapter::setCache() because, we cannot define instance of Zend_Cache_Core in configuration file. So defining cache manager template name should automatically assign cache instance to it.