ZF-9880: Search options in Zend_Service_Flickr do not match those in the Flick API method


The userSearch function in Zend_Service_Flickr offers additional query options (min_upload_date, max_upload_date, min_taken_date, max_taken_date) that do not exist in the Flick API method that is called (flickr.people.getPublicPhotos)

It would be better to use which does have these query options (and a whole lot more).


It seems all the specific options listed above are now available.

I am thinking of submitting a new method that implements, which includes the ability to search by tags and user_id in the same search. Just submitted my Contributor License Agreement today so hopefully won't take too long.

Ok, scrap the above comment. It seems tagSearch() already uses and also has a user_id option, so the same can be achieved with that.

However, I'd still like to consider adding a search() method that can be used for all general searches, rather than expecting tag(s) as its first parameter.