ZF-9905: PHP Zend Oauth and fusion tables fails on a 404


When using OAuth authentication with Google Fusion tables, I get a failure on the final call to access the service with an authenticated access token. code example: Fails here with a "404 Not Found": $url = ""; $data = $gdata->get($url);

If I use the exact same code to obtain an access token, to then call another service such as the google docs document feed scope=, then it works. code example:

The bit that really gets me about this, is that the authentication appears to happen correctly - just the same as for the Google Docs example - but the actual Gdata call returns a 404. What I find even more puzzling is that if I swap the authentication mechanism for ClientLogin, then the call works eg:… .

I've tried reporting this to the google fusion tables user group here -… , but have not had any success, and it certainly does not help diagnose the problem just receiving a 404 Not Found.

It maybe that there is a problem with the way Zend/Oauth is formulating the Authorization header, that is incompatible with the Google Fusion tables service.

Any help with determining where the problem lies is gratefully appreciated.

Cheers, Piers Harding.


{{Zend_Gdata}} can only be used with Google services that use AuthSub/Google Data API. Unfortunately, FusionTables is not a GData service, but uses OAuth for authentication.