ZF-9913: Zend_Form_Element::loadDefaultDecorators should implement a fluent interface



[code] $element->loadDefaultDecorators()->removeDecorator('Errors') [code]

when simply removing one decorator (for example for use with the formErrors decorator) this is simpler than setting the whole stack. It is also more consistent with other Zend_Form / Zend_Form_Element methods


Ryan would you do this as well in: ./Form.php ./Form/SubForm.php ./Form/Element/Captcha.php ./Form/Element/Image.php ./Form/Element/File.php ./Form/Element/Submit.php ./Form/Element/Radio.php ./Form/DisplayGroup.php

Fixed in trunk on r22328 Merged to release on r22329

Applied to Zend_Form as well to pass the new UnitTest ;D in trunk r22352 and 1.10 release branch