ZF-9921: Zend_Mail: Allow multiple ReplyTo addresses


Multiple setReplyTo()-calls are currently prohibited and throw an Exception. This is unneeded, as the RFC822 (and the superceeding RFC2821) allow more than one reply-to header.

I added the capability to add multiple reply-to headers to the Mail.php code, as this was a feature I needed. I tried to stay in your coding-style, please consider this as an addition to your framework.

I propose the renaming to addReplyTo(), this would also be in style with addTo() etc.

Please find attached the modified Mail.php

Best regards,

Jonas Völcker

PS: I also fixed ZF-2219 while I was at it (addBcc() lacks 'name' parameter).


Attached modified Mail.php with addReplyTo instead of setReplyTo, allowing multiple reply-to headers.

Sorry, I have been inactive since last April.

Resolved in ZF2. Thank you for reporting this issue.