ZF-9934: Image Missing On Layout Quickstart Page


The image for the example at the bottom of the page doesn't show. Part of the problem seems to be that there are no close-quotes on either the href of the link or the src of the image. Further, it doesn't look like the image actually exists.


On further inspection, no images show up in the html manual.

Example source, this time from controller basics:

Example output on online manual:

Example output from making documentation manually:


It appears something's wrong with whatever is making the docs for the website.

@Daniel Not loaded the image in the page Zend_Layout_Quickstart?

Could verify again think that this issue already was resolved in ZF-9614.

Greetings, Ramon Henrique

Hi Ramon,

I suspect there might be a deeper issue somewhere in the generation. The image does show up now, but didn't when I made the issue or the comment, despite seemingly having been resolved in ZF-9614. It does show up now, but seems to resurface occasionally.

@Daniel Sorry only now I saw your comment in ZF-9614. And I agree that the problem of the ZF-9614 returned.

But believe that not is problem of the manual see, and yes site of the framework

Code Html site Zend_Db


Problem with address href how you reported. address correct of the image is….

Greetings, Ramon Henrique

Hi Daniel

Too believe that is in the generation.

Actually, the problem was not in the generation of the page, but in the deployment. We have it fixed now.