ZF-9937: Problems with arrays


After updating from 1.10.4 to 1.10.5 i got a php warning:

Line 812 is:

But $locale may not be an array for array_key_exists(). So I guess, just a ! is missing: ```


How can one reproduce the issue?

I got this error while calling: ```

$someArray is an array with two elements, 'cause the translation in my po-file has two placeholders.

Is $this->translate an object of Zend_Translate? Or is $this a view helper?

Because Zend_Translate does not support view operations and the second parameter for Zend_Translate is the language and not a placeholder.

$this is an instance of Zend_View. So $this->translate() calls the view helper.

Not reproduceable for me, wether in trunk nor in branch. Probably already fixed in past.