ZF2-1: Zend\Db\Db on line 253 prints a string instead of throwing a proper exception


On line 253 in Zend\Db\Db the string "FAILED TO FIND $adapterName\n"; is printed.

Afterwards the execution is stopped although it should throw a Zend\Db\Adapter\Exception to enable handling this error properly.


I can not find the string commented in trunk.

I just double checked that the problem still exists in the repository.

Maybe I should point out that this ticket refers to ZF2 (therefore it is set to "affects next major release")?

Hi, Alexsander. Do you mean the string "FAILED TO FIND" exists in http://framework.zend.com/svn/framework/… ?

I will be happy if You would tell me using version and exactly file name in your environment.

(FYI) Ralph changed this issue 05/May/11.(please see this issue's History page). and, he is working for refactoring Zend\Db. exactly, This issue will be closed when refactored Zend\Db is merged.