ZF2-109: DocBlock\TagManager renames valid tag names


Component: Zend\Code (not listed)

The TagManager performs the following renaming on tagNames in multiple places:

$tagName = strtolower(str_replace(array('-', '_'), '', $tagName));

I don't see any valid reason to do this as I cannot use anymore tag names with underscores which were allowed in zf 2.0 dev2


That instruction only normalize the tag name internally. I don't see any problem in use tags with scores in their names.

Anyway if you still thinking that this is a issue feel free to reopen it.

The tag works but the underscore is stripped and if in my code I need to check for that tag, I have to search without underscores. Anyway I don't see the point in filing bugs here anymore if I have to see it ignored again 6 months from now.