ZF2-112: invalid generated urls with params and 'index' action


Hi there again, I've got another error. My default route is here:

$params['controller'] = 'my-controller'; $params['param1'] = 'value1';

$params['action'] = 'myaction';
$url1 = $this->url()->fromRoute('default/wildcard',$params); // => OK returns /my-controller/myaction/param1/value1

$params['action'] = 'index';
$url2 = $this->url()->fromRoute('default/wildcard',$params); // => KO returns /my-controller/param1/value1 (index action is missing)


I think that I resolved this bug earlier, can you please verify if it still exists?

No further reaction since over a month, closing the issue, as it was probably solved.

Yes, this bug is resolved! Thank you.