ZF2-117: Zend\Navigation\Container::addPages() should accept a Zend\NavigationContainer


This is the ZF2 version of ZF-9815

The addPages() method of Zend_Navigation_Container only takes an array or a Zend_Config instance. It should also accept a Zend_Navigation_Container.

It's a fairly minor fix. Insert the following into the addPages method:

if ($pages instanceof Zend_Navigation_Container) {
    $pages = iterator_to_array($pages);

The docblocks and exception message will also need updating. Note: this uses iterator_to_array instead of getPages so that the order of pages will be consistent with calling toArray().


Pull Request fixes this one, but can't be applied as Zend\Navigation needs refactoring to remove FrontController dependencies.

We have no more dependencies to the FronController:…

Fixed with GH-708