ZF2-123: Module Manager resolve trigger should use triggerUntil instead of trigger


ZendFramework Beta 1 Zend\Module\Manager line 97-98 Documentatio:…

This is either a coding or documentation issue.

On these lines the loadModule.resolve is loaded, which by default is picked up by the ModuleResolverListers. The callback seems to indicate that the execution should stop after a listener has returned a class. In that case it should use triggerUntil.

However, since the trigger method in Zend\EventManager\EventManager also has a fourth callback parameter it might be that instead the documentation needs to be updated.


This is, indeed, a documentation issue. The trigger() method was updated to accept a callback as the optional 4th parameter, giving it all of the functionality of triggerUntil(). It appears the docs have not yet been updated to reflect this.

Fixed with PR 681 which is now merged.