ZF2-129: Zend_ACL and Zend_RBAC Components


I know there are some discussions around the ACL/RBAC topic (e.g.…), but I couldn't really find an answer what the community is thinking about it. Some people say RBAC is useless, other say ACL is useless because they seeing RBAC as a subset of ACL (if it would be integrated).

Whoever is right (or not), isn't it an idea to intergrate both components in the Framework? For some of my Zend projects ACL was quite perfect, for a other one the functionality to have multiple roles assigned to a user is needed. So let the developer choose which one they want to use in a project.

Please vote for this Issue if you are interested in a Zend_RBAC component.

I don't know if this is the right place for a discussion, but definitely to vote about it.


Sorry, but this is not the right place. Please use the mailings lists for discussions and the wiki for votings.