ZF2-139: Zend\Cache\Storage\Adapter\Dba


Based on php-dba-cache a have writen a "Zend_Cache_Backend_Dba" class. The php-dba-cache uses the database (dbm-style) abstraction layer to cache your objects, strings, integers or arrays. Even instances of SimpleXMLElement can be puted to the cache. I just wrote the Class "Zend_Cache_Backend_Dba" for my company, and it works fine. More information about php-dba-cache you can find at

I allso can see the "Zend_Cache_Backend_Dba" class at… for inspection.

Best regards, Gjero Krsteski


cloned from ZF-11073.

There is a not ready refactored version on github:…

-> I'm not sure if it's the right way to store a serialized array of the cache data and the mtime or if it is better to only store the cache data and say no ttl will be supported by this adapter but can be implemented as plug-in.

I will close this because the code referenced in the first comment not longer exists…

Sorry the link changed:…

The code is really outdated but the issue should live as long as the adapter has been implemented or it's marked as Won't fix.

Ok, I suggest you to write this request in the Mailing List.

merged into master for beta5