ZF2-156: HTTP 308 Resume Incomplete missing in Zend\Http\Response


Zend\Http\Response is missing a constant for HTTP 308 Resume Incomplete. When trying to set this status code, it will throw an Exception.

The solution is to add the following line to the list of constants: const STATUS_CODE_308 = 308;

This status code is used by Google Docs to upload files, so it might be a good addition.


The right solution for this is that Zend\Http\Response (as well as Request and Client) should stop validating things like status codes, method names etc. using a white-list of possible values, and switch to using the rules specified in the HTTP RFC. The RFC does allow not only codes like 308 but basically any 3-digit custom status codes are allowed.

I am working to change these in my Zend\Http rewrite branch, but this branch also includes a host of other major changes so I do not consider it a fix for this bug, at least not until it is decided to fully merge this branch (if at all).

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