ZF2-160: Cannot send Array of Objects From Flex to Zend Amf PHP Server


I´m trying to send an array of objects from flex to a zend amf php server. every time, when i make the call, i get this error:

( bubbles = false cancelable = false currentTarget = ( client = ( connected = false httpIdleTimeout = 0 maxPeerConnections = 32 objectEncoding = 3 proxyType = "none" uri = "http://localhost/project/gateway.php" eventPhase = 2 info = (Object)#2 code = "NetConnection.Call.BadVersion" description = "" details = "" level = "error" target = ( type = "netStatus"

when i make the call with null as param:"UserService.updateTable",_exportNewAndUpdatedUsersToServer,null); no error appears.

but when i give an array of objects (result from sql query), i get the error.


We are going to be removing Zend\AMF from the ZF2 distribution, until such time as we have somebody willing to step forward and maintain it. In the meantime, please use either Zend_Amf from ZF1, or AMFPHP.