ZF2-167: unable to get territories list


"territory" is not supported anymore by Zend\Locale\Locale::getTranslationList(), it was working perfectly with ZF1, sample code:

Zend\Locale\Locale::getTranslationList("Territory", get_lang(), 2);

throws an error, simply copying the ZF1 code did not work (I'd have posted the patch otherwise). Bye


sorry the previous code contained a call to a custom function, you could just try:

\Zend\Locale\Locale::getTranslationList("Territory", "en", 2);

ZF1 => working (except for the different syntax) ZF2 => not working (territory not coded in Zend\Locale\Data\Cldr::getList() and getContent())

Finally this will not be fixed because there is a plan to remove this component.

With beta5 a new component will be released to cover this features.

As workaround you can use the functions provided by AbstractLocale (getDisplayLanguage, getDisplayScript, getDisplayRegion)