ZF2-173: Fix classname references inside classes and tests


There are wrong package references inside the code and tests.

For example: $this->assertEquals("Unknown Zend_LDAP option: $optionName", $e->getMessage()); should be: $this->assertEquals("Unknown Zend_Ldap option: $optionName", $e-


Actually some unit tests are failing by this reason.


I will try to fix this.

Seems to be very outdated tests too.

Fix testInvalidOptionResultsInException() fail because classname was wrong.

Fix all PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method ZendTest\Ldap****Test::assertType()

Change old Zend_LDAP references to Zend_Ldap, also some typo on classnames like Zenda_Ldap was fixed too.

Pull request #826:

Changes have been merged to zf2 master branch