ZF2-178: Zend/Controller references still unchanged


There are broken code un the library since Zend\Controller was refactored as Zend\Mvc

33 references found on library. 23 references found on tests 5549 references along the framework (include docs and demos)

The componentes affected are (not all with the same grade): Zend\XmlRpc Zend\Wildfire Zend\View Zend\Mvc Zend\Log Zend\Feed Zend\Db Zend\Authentication


Can you please provide more specifics? At the time I removed Zend\Controller out of the tree, I went through and ensured that no actual code was still directly relying on it, including running tests. I do know that Zend\Wildfire does, but for that reason, we're not shipping it until it's refactored (though it stays in the repository as we plan to refactor it).

I do know that there may be references to Zend_Controller in the docblocks, and I have to wonder if this is the case with the specific components.

(Also, I have trouble believing that Zend\Mvc has any references to Zend\Controller, as it is a brand new component... ;-) )

My point is: can you provide details of failing tests, please?


Zend/Feed/PubSubHubbub/AbstractCallback.php: && !$httpResponse instanceof \Zend\Controller\Response\Http) Zend/Feed/PubSubHubbub/AbstractCallback.php: . ' Zend\Controller\Response\Http'); Zend/Wildfire/Channel/HttpHeaders.php: Zend\Controller, Zend/Wildfire/Channel/HttpHeaders.php: Zend\Controller\Request\Http as HttpRequest;

Tests: Zend/Authentication/Adapter/TestAsset/OpenIdResponseHelper.php:use Zend\Controller\Response\AbstractResponse; Zend/Log/TestAsset/FirePhpHeader.php:use Zend\Controller\Request\Http as HttpRequest; Zend/Log/TestAsset/MockHttpResponse.php:use Zend\Controller\Response\Http as HttpResponse; Zend/Log/Writer/FirebugTest.php: \Zend\Controller\Front::getInstance()->resetInstance();

Zend/View/Helper/_files/modules/application/controllers/ActionBarController.php:class ActionBarController extends \Zend\Controller\Action Zend/View/Helper/_files/modules/application/controllers/ActionFooController.php:class ActionFooController extends \Zend\Controller\Action Zend/View/Helper/_files/modules/foo/controllers/BazController.php:class BazController extends \Zend\Controller\Action Zend/View/Helper/_files/modules/foo/controllers/FooController.php:class FooController extends \Zend\Controller\Action Zend/View/Helper/Navigation/SitemapTest.php:use Zend\Controller\Request; Zend/Wildfire/_files/IndexController.php:class IndexController extends \Zend\Controller\Action Zend/Wildfire/WildfireTest.php: Zend\Controller, Zend/Wildfire/WildfireTest.php: Zend\Controller\Request\Simple as SimpleRequest; Zend/Wildfire/WildfireTest.php: // this should not fail with: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_Controller_Request_Simple::getHeader() Zend/Wildfire/WildfireTest.php: // this should not fail with: PHP Fatal error: Call to undefined method Zend_Controller_Request_Simple::getHeader() Zend/Wildfire/WildfireTest.php:class Request extends \Zend\Controller\Request\HttpTestCase Zend/Wildfire/WildfireTest.php:class Response extends \Zend\Controller\Response\HttpTestCase

The rest of components has the mentions inside of docblocks.

(grep "Zend.Controller" * -R)

Not in Db, removing that tag.

Only left for update Zend\Feed\Pubsubhub and Zend\Wildfire.

The first will be updated with the PR #1332 and the second with the AgileZen Story #44