ZF2-182: Better API documentation


Hi guys!

As a programmer (= a framework user) I'm very dissatisfied with the current API documentation. For me it is a confusing labyrinth with awful design, a browser-killer (yes, using the search feature can really kill your browser) and apparently it doesn't really care about the code integrity. It does not help me with my work as it should.

After a discussion with my colleagues from the PHP community (guys moving around Doctrine, Symfony, Nette, etc.), I've found out that I'm not the only one who finds this API horrible and I decided to contact you this way and propose you a solution that we consider the "top-of-the-range":

Check out an open source tool called ApiGen: Or better - go straight to see the difference between and Do you see that?

And here you can check the ZF2 API: (Thanks to ApiGen there were discovered some incredible bugs in ZF2 -

ApiGen is a fresh, elegant tool, which is fast, already supports PHP 5.4 (yes, DocBlox is announcing PHP 5.3 support as something exceptional), still is being improved, has an agile community and starts to gain more and more fame in the PHP community. There's even a first experimental version of cloud-based API doc generating directly from Github (

Think about it, guys! ;)

Cheers! Jan


Hi Jan, ApiGen looks good and it works! :)

Can you communicate this on the mailing list? Thanks!

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