ZF2-199: Update Zend Authentication to work with new DB components


Still references ZF1 style classes.


The existing code uses a CASE statement to determine whether the entered value matches the stored credential (i.e. password). At the moment Zend\Db\Sql\Select quotes the individual words in the CASE statement and the query fails

The existing test case to check whether the user can alter the database select query used to perform authentication using {{$dbAdapter->getProfiler()->getLastQueryProfile()}} to check that the WHERE clause has been amended successfully, but currently Zend\Db does not offer access to the profiler.

I've got a branch ready to push once ZF2-195 is fixed. Ideally ZF2-210 will be fixed too, but it only breaks the test, not the actual class

Thanks You! When the fix is merged I will test it too.

This is fixed in…, which in turn contains merged changes from….

All the tests work except testAdapterCanUseModifiedDbSelectObject() which depends on a Profiler, which is not available yet.

I will create a pull request once ralphschindler's changed are merged.

Fix merged in Master