ZF2-205: Mvc/Router/Http/Segment.php escapes valid chars


Mvc/Router/Http/Segment.php escapes valid segment chars by using urlencode.

urlencode/urldecode and rawurlencode/rawurldecode escapes more chars than necessary. These functions return ??a string in which all non-alphanumeric characters except -_. have been replaced??

RFC 3986 allows much more chars in path segments.

use Zend\Mvc\Router\Http\Segment;
$segment = new Segment('/:dada');
$rendered = $segment->assemble(array('dada'=>'Hello World!'));
echo $rendered;

This should return {{/Hello World!}} but returns instead {{/Hello+World%21}}.


You are right, [raw]urlencode() works on the smallest allowed subset (which doesn't break anything tho). We could introduce a path-specific url encoder (probably in Zend\Uri), but I'd have to benchmark the performance first. This is actually only relevant for encoding, not for decoding, as [raw]urldecode() works just fine.

About your example: a space is still not allowed in URIs.

He Ben, yep, i missed the whitespace, sorry.

I attached a simple benchmark with some solutions. Maybe this helps you to build a acceptable implementation.

Cheers, Henning

All those solutions are pretty slow compared to [raw]urlencode(). I have to see if there is a method which does not yield this problem, else I'd have to close this issue.

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