ZF2-233: append to capture


In my project I want to render two view model in one capture. like render N model in content capture. I dont found any way to render this. Sorry for my bad english


Can you provide an example? It doesn't have to work, and even pseudocode would help us to understand your question a bit better.

Also, take a look at this page from ~rob]'s [ZF2TestApp: If that is the type of functionality you are looking for, check out his source code for that page: * Controller:… * Main View Script:…

Thanks Adam Lundrigan

Sorry for bad description. please see this code $result = new ViewModel(); $result->setTemplate('view/another-action');

$comment1 = new ViewModel(); $comment1->setTemplate('view/child-comments'); $result->addChild($comment1, 'child_comments');

$comment2 = new ViewModel(); $comment2->setTemplate('view/child-comments'); $result->addChild($comment2, 'child_comments');

in this example $comment1( in child_comments capture ) replace with $comment2(in child_comments capture ). But some time want to append to view model to one capture/

Do you agree with this feature? I can add this feature. I can pull to github.

I would like to see this feature implemented too. I've been dealing with the same problem and haven't found a workaround for it.

[~vahid4134] Send the pull don't ask!!!

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