ZF2-241: Segment-Routing not working due to old PCRE-library


Using a Segment-Router with a rather current PHP-Version (5.3.8) compiled against an - admittedly really - old version of the PCRE-lib (6.6 from 2006) seems to fail.

The cause of that seems to be named matches that should work since PHP5.2.2 as stated at [1] but failed in the actual environment. (According to an example[3] that only works if compiled against PCRE 7.0) After changing all occurences of {{(?<}} to {{(?P<}} routing works as expected.

So as long as there are no speed issues speaking against it, all named matches should be coded using the "old-fashioned" way as no one seems to be able to guarantee a working PHP-Version even after 5.2.2.

A phpinfo of the actual system can be found here[2].

[1]… [2] [3]…


Resolved with Merged Pull-Request #976