ZF2-245: using pdo_sqlite, DB/Adapter/Pdo/Connection.php appends a ';' at the end of the specified dbname.



I am following Rob Allens 'getting started zf2' (ā€¦) but want to use sqlite instead of the mysql adapter.

My module.config.php contains the following:

'Zend\Db\Adapter\Adapter' => array(
        'parameters' => array(
          'driver' => array(
            'driver' => 'Pdo_Sqlite',
            'database' => '../../data/db/feedback.db',

zf2 creates a new sqlite database file with the same name but appends a ';'.

if I change line 201 in file : Zend/DB/Adapter/Pdo/Connection.php


ZF2 picks up my own database file. and everything works fine. If I don't remove the ';' zf2 complains about the missing database.

any thoughts ? Am I specifying the database in a wrong way ?

thanks, Julian


added link to url

Since a special code for SQLite was added