ZF2-277: Oracle DB tables and columns names are case sensitive


The name of tables, columns... when using oracle DB with PDO (Table gateway) are case sensitive, it must be case insensitive.


I think that the only thing that have to be done is to provide a parameter so that the names of the columns and tables will not be quoted, for example: SELECT * FROM "FND"."PERSONS" WHERE "ID" = :where1 with the quote parameter set to false must be: SELECT * FROM FND.PERSONS WHERE ID = :where1

Why wouldn't you use the correct casing for the table and column names?

Actually: there is no reason, it is just we used to write all of identifiers names in a lower case. is there any issue in providing a parameter that will disable quoting identifiers? and another question I don't know if this is the right place to ask: what is the status of the oracle adapter class? we are considering to start a BIG new project backed with oracle DB, and I think that we will use ZF2 , but it still has no support for oracle, right? when will it be ready?

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