ZF2-285: Code\Reflection\DocBlockReflection::reflect() does extract the clean DocComment, but ignores it afterwards


The method Code\Reflection\DocBlockReflection::reflect() extracts the clean DocComment, but does not use it for the DocBlockScanner. Not only, that it would simplify the DocBlockScanner, it even fails sometimes to extract Tags from the DocBlock.

I would suggest to replace the line 265 with the following:

$scanner = new DocBlockScanner($this->cleanDocComment);


Hi Pirmin,

IMHO If DocBlockScanner was under the Reflection Subnamespace then your proposal could have sense but, at this moment, you can use DocBlockScanner independent of any Reflection class so for me have sense the use of raw values.

Anyway if you think that you are right I encourage you to send your proposal to GitHub.