ZF2-351: Factories name and plugin name


I defined factory in Application\Module :

public function getServiceConfiguration()
        return array(
            'factories' => array(
                'Navigation' => 'ZFBook\Navigation\Service\NavigationFactory',

But, in my view, when i write :

echo $this->navigation()->breadcrumbs()->setMinDepth(0)->setLinkLast(true)->setPartial('bloc/breadcrumbs')->render();

Plugin name 'navigation' don't call the view helper, but my factory. Because in Zend\Loader\PluginBroker :

$locator  = $this->getServiceLocator();
        // Pulling by alias
        if ($locator) {
            try {
                $instance = $locator->get($plugin);
            } catch (ServiceManagerException $e) {
                // not returning an instance is okay; there are other ways to 
                // retrieve the plugin later
                $instance = false;

            if ($instance) {
                if ($this->getRegisterPluginsOnLoad()) {
                    $this->register($pluginName, $instance);
                return $instance;

        $class = $this->getClassLoader()->load($plugin);
        if (empty($class) && !class_exists($plugin)) {
            throw new Exception\RuntimeException('Unable to locate class associated with "' . $pluginName . '"');

        if (empty($class) && class_exists($plugin)) {
            $class = $plugin;

I think, we must resolved the short name in first, and try with service manager in second, no ?



Or, rather, we're trying to figure out what to do here.

The SM duplicates a lot of functionality present in the Plugin Broker/Loader ecosystem: aliasing, instance creation and management, initialization checks, etc. In some ways, it may make sense to simply replace the broker/loader system with context-specific SMs (scoped containers, basically). For now, one of the easiest ways to handle a plugin that has dependencies is to simply add a factory to the SM using the same service name as the plugin name -- this solves a long-standing problem we've had with plugins like the Url plugin, the basePath plugin, navigation plugin, etc.

I'll leave this open for now, as what you're seeing is definitely a "WTF" type of issue; however, we should resolve this in time for beta5 to remove any problems like this that arise.

Zend\Loader\PluginBroker not longer exists in RC versions of ZF2. Is it still happening?

By the moment I'll close this issue. Feel free to reopen it if ServiceManager ZF2 RC versions don't fix your issue.

No, problem resolved with new plugin manager