ZF2-364: Zend\Mail\Header::mimeEncodeValue unnecessarily encodes pure-ASCII headers


In contrast to ZF1, ZF2 unnecessarily encodes headers even if they contain only ASCII characters. Demo:

$mail = new Zend\Mail\Message(); $mail->setEncoding('UTF-8'); $mail->setFrom('', 'My Name'); echo $mail->toString();


From: =?UTF-8?Q?My=20Name?=

Expected result:

From: My Name


I think the method Zend\Mime\Mime::isPrintable can be used to determine if a header has to be encoded.

As workaround you can do one of the following options:



$mail->getHeader('From', null)->setEncoding('ASCII');

I've just downloaded ZF2 Beta 5. Even the "Date" header is encoded. Maybe some classes like Zend\Mail\Header\Date should just ignore calls of their "setEncoding" method?

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