ZF2-384: Error-inducing insert call from AbstractTableGateway does not fail with an exception


Steps: zf2 beta4 Create a database which could not accept a particular insert (a column with NOT NULL) Attempt to insert (and specify no value for the above column)

Expected: Fail with exception that contains the db's error message (column cannot be null, etc)

Actual: Fails silently

I worked around this by actually retrieving the resource object (PDO) from the connection,driver,adapter ... and then checked errorInfo manually.


What database is this? And, is PDO not throwing an exception?

Sqlite, I admit I haven't investigated it further than just checking the errorInfo array of information in PDO itself. The exception part is a bit of mental gymnastics on my part - it's what I'd expect that will happen should a query fail.

I've tried to reproduce this in sqlite and mysql (with STRICT_TRANS_TABLES), I get exceptions.

If it's still an issue, let's reopen with some code samples.