ZF2-438: Autoloading error while passing string value as call time user param to Di::newInstance for typeless parameter


Preconditons: - Include path autoloader is registered - RuntimeDefinition is used - class with typeless constructor parameter exists Example:

class A
    public function __construct($someParam)
  • New A instance is requested like:

$di->newInstance('A', array('someParam' => 'someValue')

Expected Result: New instance is created with $someParam = 'someValue'

Actual Result: Fatal error: require() [function.require]: Failed opening required 'someValue.php'


This issue appears because runtime definition sets type of a typeless parameter to null.

While Di::resolveMethodParameters checks for $type==false in line 531. Only parameters with type === false are considered string parameters. All other parameters are considered class names/aliases.

Maybe it would be better to perceive string values as aliases/class names only for type hinted parameters?

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