ZF2-462: Throws exception when trying to generate bcrypt


Zend\Crypt\Password\Bcrypt throws exception "Error during the bcrypt generation" when "create" method is called. I work with Zend Server that uses version "5.3.8-ZS5.5.0" of PHP. I think maybe the wrong salt prefix ($2y$) is selected because the exception is not thrown if I force the code to use "$2a$" as prefix.


This is odd because the "$2y$" prefix should be used instead of "$2a$" starting from PHP 5.3.7+ (for more details: Can you show me the snippet code that you are trying to execute?

I use the ZfcUser module of Evan Coury that provide authentication feature. The "$hash" variable of \Zend\Crypt\Password\Bcrypt::create method has always a length of 13.

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