ZF2-48: Cannot instantiate Zend_Form_Element_Captcha without adapter


see this bug:

Was a won't fix because of BC break. Please introduce break :) Instantiating elements with arrays is not elegant. See Configration Objects Thread in zf-contributors.

public function __construct($spec, $options = null) { parent::__construct($spec, $options); $this->setAllowEmpty(true) ->setRequired(true) ->setAutoInsertNotEmptyValidator(false) ->addValidator($this->getCaptcha(), true); }


As noted in ZF-4221, this cannot be fixed without a BC break. As Zend\Form for ZF2 is being developed, I'd suggest keeping this issue in mind before ZF2 is finalised as a possible improvement. There is no ETA on Zend\Form 2.0 for the time being however.